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Frustration with the Genre Pt 3: Resolution

I'm taking a long sojourn away from fantasy.
I'm leaving to find myself amidst the flowered fields I once so highly prized.

I'll come right out and say it: I am giving up on writing fantasy for the time being.
And all it took was one more free Kindle chapter of another novel that was too much like mine to set me off.

I've been writing and pondering and thinking and scribbling, but I have to face the writing on the wall. As well as I can do with writing fantasy, I have a bugger of a time selling the books. Yes, people love them and my friends were all ecstatic, but that doesn't give me that satisfying *jingle-jingle* or the success I so desire. (Jingle-jingle is a stretch because I rarely use actual cash.)
This leads back to my last two blog posts. They were full of struggle and, often times sadly, shame. I felt weird saying that I would walk away from a genre that I'd essentially built my life around. I mean, yeah, I've read other genres here and there whether …

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