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NaNoWriMo and me, 2017

Here I am again, doing nanowrimo because I'm mentally insane. Really, I might be. For nanowrimo I'm doing my total reboot of The Glass, the Thread, and the Fabric after having discarded it for a few months. Its the historical fantasy I was working on then stopped, and now picked up again with a different outlook on it. 

So far, its not the greatest. I lost most of my day 1 to things out of my control, day 2 went better. A lot better actually.

Just to keep things in line (I feel like I do this too often), I missed out on two months of blogs. Partly because I had nothing to say, partly because I forgot. Mostly because I forgot. 
I've had a lot of (mostly crappy) stuff going on that I don't want to talk about just yet. I'm saving it for a future blog post.

Anyway, twitter is where I seem to be the most anymore. Hit me up there, @nickbolock

See ya around, and if you're doing NaNo, good luck!

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