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"I want them to succeed."

My wife and I went to see Black Panther back on the weekend it opened as our Valentine's Day outing. (Few days late, but whatever.) Great movie, hands down. I joined the chorus of voices praising the accolades of the movie.
But when the credits started to roll - I mean the actual credits and not the graphic, pre-stinger teaser - I watched the names of the cast go by one after another as the music blared on. I had a thought then. 
I leaned over to Jess and said: "One day, I hope to see the name of someone I know in the credits. I want everyone I've ever met to succeed in life."
It's not some crazy or profound idea. It's not a generous well-wishing from me. To me, its a genuine thing to want to see everyone succeed at what they do. 
Shortly after, I was perusing Facebook when it recommended some friends of mine from middle school. I didn't send any friend requests because I felt like they wouldn't even remember me. (I transferred in for about two years, gra…

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